Ends on June 5, 2019

Researchers, clinicians and professionals working in tropical medicine or global health are invited to apply to receive a travel scholarship to attend the RSTMH Annual Meeting, held 17–18 September 2019.  

Priority will be given to: 

· RSTMH members or Fellows based in a low- or middle-income country

· Those early in their careers, who have few alternative sources of funding

· Those working in or demonstrating an interest in One Health

We would like to ensure as many researchers and professionals that are students or early in their careers to apply for a travel scholarship as possible. 

With such a range of sectors we cannot easily define early career in terms of specific career positions. We have therefore used guidance around the profile of applicant that may be suitable for a travel scholarship. 

Applicants should meet this profile and the applicant’s referee should comment on this as part of the reference and application process. 

The maximum value of a travel scholarship is £1,600 and will cover registration to the RSTMH Annual Meeting, flights, visas, accommodation for two nights and meals for the duration of the meeting. RSTMH may make travel and accommodation arrangements directly. 

Applications will be assessed from now until 17:00 (5pm) on Wednesday 5 June BST (British Summer Time). Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Awards will be made after 17 June 2019. 

Travel scholarships will be available for other RSTMH meetings later in the year, subjective to a maximum award of one scholarship per person per year.